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Our name says it all, Lowest Price Microscopes, and that is what we have for you! We've got the lowest priced microscopes at a high standard of quality that no other microscope store can match!

You want good quality microscopes at cheap microscope prices? You are unwilling to go to a science catalog and pay three times the price for the exact same microscope we sell here? Congratulations on finding the microscopy solution you have been looking for. We have good reasonable quality microscopes and optical equipment that will do the job and fit your microscopy application's needs, but at a cheap bargain price you never expected. We know that a microscope deal is only good for you if it works for your needs. A cheap price is no good if all you get is a cheap substandard microscope. All microscope equipment in our microscope product line meets a reasonable level of quality. Rest assured that we select only the best quality microscopes from the manufacturers and bring it straight to you. We cut out the typical middle person who doubles the price of the microscope before it reaches the seller. We guarantee our bargain microscopes will meet your needs and we offer a full money back guarantee.

We have the student in mind. Select from our student grade educational high power compound microscopes for viewing biological specimens on slides for high school biology class. Review our higher grade professional high power microscopes for increased optical quality suitable for medical students or clinics on a budget. We carry other higher grade microscopes suitable for viewing cell cultures in biology labs for research or educational facilities. We also have metallurgical microscopes for viewing metallic grain structures for metallurgy schools and metal testing labs. Our field nature microscopes are great for those field trips where students study entomology and other biological specimens. And view our line of teaching microscopes with dual heads giving the ability to have teachers instructing students while simultaneously viewing the microscope specimen.

To enhance your learning experience, be sure to include a computer connected USB microscope camera for capturing live video and digital still microscopic images on your computer. We have what you need at the cheap bargain price you can afford. We have your answers! Now, the only question left is what will happen to those big name science supply stores with their large color printed science catalogs that offer the identical microscopes made in the identical factories at three times our prices! Call us today and we'd be happy to give you examples of where you can find our microscopes priced so much higher. As always, we are Lowest Priced Microscopes, and we refuse to be selling at a higher price than the competition. For cheap bargains and good deals on good quality microscopy equipment, we are unbeatable. Our microscope sales agents are waiting for your call to discuss your specific microscopy application.

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Price: 259.89
Model: li0020000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: 29.98
Product Overview //
  • Great Value Stereo Binocular Microscope!
  • Ideal for doing Circuit Board Repair, soldering, and examination. Great for any job doing tiny intricate work. Also fine for simple inspection.
  • Boom Arm Increases the capability compared to a fixed frame scope.
  • Scope Head can Rotate at any angle as needed for the application.
  • Great Quality Imaging at a Super Low Price!


Price: 219.89
Model: li023j000a
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: 24.98
Product Overview //
  • High Power Compound Monocular Microscope – Extra Features!
  • This is a Better Microscope! It also costs more than similar looking units. Please read the specs carefully or call us so you understand why it is much better and why spending a little more money is well worth it.
  • Loaded with Extra Features not found on most similar looking scopes: X-Y Mechanical Stage, Full Rack/Pinion Condenser, Condenser Alignment Capability, Variable Intensity Light, Halogen Bulb, 100x Oil Immersion Objective, Etc..
  • Great for Viewing Biological Specimens on Slides!
  • Perfect for Teachers and Students!
  • Sharp, Bright and Clear Images through High Quality Optics.
  • Great Economical Price! Priced Much Lower than Competition!
  • Large Full Size Base/Frame! This is NOT the Cheap Look-Alike Model that is Much Smaller.

Price: 1569.89
Model: li0013000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: 49.98
Product Overview //
  • Excellent Quality Upright Trinocular Professional Metallurgical – Metallographic Microscope!
  • Multi-Use Design Provides for Three Major Illumination Techniques: Epi-Illumination (reflected light) for Metallurgical Applications, Brightfield Transmitted Illumination (for transparent or biological specimens), and Darkfield Illumination Microscopy!
  • Ideal for Identification and Analysis of the Structure of Different Metals and Alloys.
  • Upright Design (Objectives Above the Stage).
  • Great for Detailed Inspection of a Metallic Surface.
  • Research Grade Performance with Highly Advanced Features and Optics!
  • Perfect for Metallurgical Laboratories, Foundries, Silicon Wafer Inspection, Industrial Applications, and Quality Control Labs!
  • Great Economical Price! Priced Thousands Lower than Competition!
  • Great for Viewing Opaque Surfaces – Light Travels Through the Objective and Reflects off Surface of Object and Back Into Objective!
  • No Worries about how to get Light to the Specimen’s Surface!
  • Epi-Illumination Microscopy System: Light From Rear Housing goes through the Horizontal Shaft, Reflects Down through Objective to the Specimen, Reflects off the Specimen, and Back into the Objective and then to the Eyepieces.